Work from Home

The latest events have forced many businesses to migrate to Work from Home model. While management is focused on crisis management, a very important factor that should not be overlooked is the company's employees.

Your Employees are Important!

Your employees are your most important asset. To continue the effective remote operation of the company, in addition to all the technical measures that are taken, it is important for your colleagues to be motivated and comfortable while performing their duties from home.
Culture and Motivation
Until now, the office has been the tool through which we have been able to communicate the company's values. These values and culture must reach employees, even when they are working from home.
Comfort and Health
It is crucial that your employees stay healthy and fit during this period.
Good Looks
Meetings with key clients and partners, conferences and events remain a core part of the business - even though they are all digital now. This also requires good looks, even when they are held in the kitchen.

Our Solution

Help your employees feel part of a larger whole. Send a part of the office to their home. Help them be motivated and fit and be even more united. Show that you care and think about them, regardless of the circumstances, and they will respond with loyalty and productivity.

What Could a Work from Home Package Include?

There is no limit to the types of items that can be included in a WFM package. From standard notebooks, pens, pencils, to home workout products. It all depends on the specifics and culture of your business.

Culture and Productivity

Each package may contain various items related to productivity and workplace convenience. Each item can be branded and carry the message of your business.

Health and comfort

Health and comfort are a priority for everyone. Help your employees stay fit and healthy. If the office had the conveniences of a gym, tennis table or leisure area, at home, these possibilities are limited.

Good Looks

In both live and video meetings, appearance is crucial. Anyone who communicates with clients and partners can look professional, even when working from home. Put on a company T-shirt and turn your computer over to a branded background - it's that simple.

Your Box - Your Combo

Contact us to help you choose the right products for your business and culture. We will brand them precisely, assemble them carefully and ship them to the respective addresses by courier.

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