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Wall Decoration

Vinyl Cut

This technology is one of the most preferred and flexible options for wall decoration. Graphics matching the brand style are cut in specific shape and applied directly on the wall surface. The vinyl emphasizes the color and texture of the paint. You can accentuate the contrast between the vinyl and the wall, or seek the discretion of the play between gloss and matt of a specific color.

Vinyl Print

Printing on vinyl is perfect for the application of full-color images. You can display whole pictures, comics, photographs, maps or landscapes.

Vinyl Print & Cut

The advantages of the two technologies gathered together - the colors of the print and the contour cut. The effect is as if someone has painted on the wall.

Specialised Vinyls 

A perfect solution for avant-garde designs. Want to decorate а brick wall or sprayed plaster? With the help of the specialized vinyls, this is absolutely possible.

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